A warm welcome to everyone from all of us at The Sock Keeper.  We are a small team of sock enthusiasts hoping to combine our love for all things socks, with our desire to build our brand to one day be the principal online location for all sock lovers.  In essence, a one-stop shop of the industry's leading sock designs. 

The idea stemmed from an online shopping experience where a gap in the market was identified; A one stop shop for funky, fun and high quality socks. After all, who wouldn't want one place to purchase all their high quality socks?

Together, our team has over twenty years experience in design, customer service, purchasing and retail management.


Our collections span across a variety of themes and preferences from Star Wars and Novelty to Low cut designs and Bundle deals. We are constantly researching and stocking new designs as well as your favourites. If you don't see a design that you would like, please contact us and we will be happy to source it for you. We are very selective with the factories and suppliers we use, ensuring the materials are of the highest quality and checking all certification.


We are an inclusive business and will never discriminate against anyone based on gender, race, disability or sexual orientation. Therefore our collections are named 'Adults' and 'Children's' then by style i.e. Low Cut. 

We do not have separate collections based on gender as the designs we stock are suitable for everyone. We believe that taste and preference depends on individuality not social sterotypes. This is also demonstrated in our children's collection where we do not separate by 'girls socks' and boys socks'. After all girls like Iron Man too!


The Sock Keeper is still early in its infancy, but we have already made some steps to achieve our sustainability and environmental goals.  All our sock labels are hand made, and hand embossed; using only recyclable materials to encourage the use of less packaging waste. We do not use individual plastic sock bags or kimble tags on our socks. These damage the socks, leaving holes or pulling the material and are unkind to the environment. Your socks will arrive with a handmade, hand embossed sock sleeve sealed with a label detailing the SKU, Care symbols and composition. Your socks are also wrapped in branded recyclable velum paper to protect them during transit.   


We always recommend that our customers wash our socks on a cold wash with the socks inside out.  We advise that were possible, customers should wash all their laundry together to save on water, electricity and detergent use.  The use of too much detergent has an unnecessary impact on the environment.  By pairing odd  socks together, one could start a funky new fashion renaissance! or at least recycle them at a local clothing bank.  Even though our socks are durable, they will last longer if they are hung to dry/air dried.  This will help the socks to live longer and therefore, the Earth to.

So guys, that was our sockumentary.  Thank you for letting us share our journey so far with you.  We look forward to serving you all in the near future

The Sockumentary



Monday                      9am-5.30pm

Tuesday                      9am-5.30pm        

Wednesday                9am-5.30pm

Thursday                    9am-5.30pm

Friday                         9am-5.30pm

Saturday                    9am-1pm

Sunday                      Closed


Closed on Sockmas Day and Sundays,

otherwise it's always Sock O'clock. 

Happy shopping!